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There is no special event that would be complete without photos or videos. For that special wedding event, birthday party or company event, every precious moment deserves to be captured and preserved. When the fun is over and all the guests have left, you are left with memories of the jubilant party and guests and the only concrete evidence would be videos and photos. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a photo and video booth to ensure that your guests get personal keepsakes for your event.

Why Photo and Video booth are great for Events and Occasions

For extra entertainment

This is among the greatest thrills of hiring a slow motion video booth. The ability to take funny photos with much ease offers a lot of entertainment. Moreover, if you would like to boost the fun, consider adding a box with fancy accessories just next to the booth. This allows guests to pick a fairy wand, moustache or tutu as they walk in the booth and they take even funnier photos.

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Use the photo strips to make guest books

It can take up to six months to get back your professional wedding pictures depending on the photographer you hired. However, a photo and video booth allows you to enjoy and cherish the memories of your event right after it is over.

Get the guest to talk

Events can sometimes feel awkward since most people do not know each other. However, a photo and video booth can get people talking. It ensures that people talk and enjoy the event to the fullest. They offer safe topics to discuss or a safe way to start conversations. At the end of the day, they not only chat but also make new friends.

Personalized service

Video and photo booth services are usually personalized to fit different client requirements. Whether you need for the whole event or for a few hours, you negotiate with the booth provider.

Chance to have event photos

They offer a chance for every guest to pose in front of a camera. This is particularly useful in huge events that have a lot attendees and not everyone gets a chance to pose for the professional photographers you have hired. Guests get to line up at the booth, take photos and get instant souvenirs for attending your event. Captured images are sent to the printer immediately and therefore, the customer do not have to wait for hours before getting their photos.


Photo and video booths are located at convenient places that are easily accessible to guests. They are easy to use and the photos are printed within seconds. Moreover, they also record video messages, which you can listen to later after the party is over. If mistakes are made during the video message recording, they can be deleted and rerecorded easily. With so many great advantages, it is understandable why hiring a booth during your event would a great idea. Whether you want guests to interact with ease, get extra entertainment or capture unique memories, booths are the ideal addition to your event.